NPAM Political Action Committee (PAC)
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NPAM Polictical Action Committee (PAC)

NPAM’s Political Action Committee (PAC) was initiated in 1999 in response to the member’s growing awareness of the importance of an active role in Maryland politics.

Under Maryland law, a PAC is a combination of two or more individuals that assists or attempts to assist in promoting the success or defeat of more than one candidate or that promotes the group's purposes by supporting or opposing candidates.


Donate to the PAC

The Nurse Practitioner Association of Maryland (NPAM) advocates for all nurse practitioners (NPs) whether they are members or not. The costs to represent Maryland NPs through legal and legislative action are high.
Whether or not you are a member, consider a donation so that we might continue to do everything possible to protect the role of the NP in Maryland.
We know that many of your employers pay for your NPAM membership. If you are donating to the PAC as part of your NPAM registration, please be aware that the Maryland board of elections requires PAC donations be private donations and not from your employer’s business. If your employer sends a check or makes a credit card payment in your name for membership, please use your personal credit card or check for your PAC donation

The NPAM PAC adheres to all relevant state laws, which mandates that the PAC:

  • Maintains a separate board of directors from NPAM
  • Accepts only personal donations. (Members whose employer pays for NPAM membership must write a separate, personal check for contributions to the PAC.)
  • Reports all contributions made to public officials and candidates for public office per a schedule mandated by the Maryland Board of Elections
  • Not make contributions to the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Comptroller, a member of the General Assembly, or a person acting on behalf of any of these individuals, during the Legislative Session, which begins on the second Wednesday in January of each year and continues for 90 days
  • Accepts only voluntary contributions from members. A contribution may not be secured, received, or used if it is obtained as dues, fees, or other assessment required as a condition of membership.

PAC funds are used to increase awareness of nurse practitioners, NPAM, and NPAM’s legislative agenda. In addition to donations to legislators and candidates for office, funds may also be used for attendance by NPAM members at fundraisers. NPAM PAC strives to recruit NPAM members residing in those districts to attend legislator events. These events provide an important mechanism for introducing ourselves to legislators and developing personal relationships that allow members to educate legislators about NPs. Funds are distributed only after approval by a majority of the PAC board members.

Interested in helping with the PAC? We are always looking for members willing to attend fundraising events for legislators from their legislative districts. It is a great way to be involved, meet your local legislators, and meet other individuals from your legislative district. Please contact the NPAM office at 888-405-NPAM to get involved

NPAM PAC Leadership

Dale Jafari


Kamala Via


Veronica Quattrini


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